Exclusive Tips: Hardening your Active Directory with Advanced Strategies

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Lyell Immunopharma Improves Cloud Security with Fidelis Security

Lyell Immunopharma is a South San Francisco-based, publicly traded cell therapy company (LYEL). Their T cell reprogramming technology focuses on the mastery of T cells to cure patients with solid tumors. They apply proprietary genetic and epigenetic reprogramming technology platforms to address barriers present in solid tumors in order to develop new medicines with improved, durable, and potentially curative clinical outcomes.

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  • Hardening Your Active Directory with Advanced Strategies

    This comprehensive white paper provides a security checklist and advanced...

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  • Prevention Capabilities of Fidelis Network: A Comprehensive Overview

    Enhancing Cybersecurity with Advanced Sensor Technologies The paper emphasizes the...

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  • MITRE ATT&CK security evaluations whitepaper featured

    Fidelis Elevate: MITRE ATT&CK Security Evaluations

    Explore MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation insights with Fidelis Security's whitepaper. Understand...

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  • Aligning Visibility for Post Breach Detection and Response with Fidelis Elevate

    Discover how to combat cyber threats effectively with Fidelis Elevate....

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  • The Latest Trend in Network Cybersecurity: NDR

    Explore Network Detection and Response (NDR) insights in this whitepaper....

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  • The Shared Responsibility Model: Cloud Security Unveiled

    Balancing Act: Your Role in Cloud Security Responsibilities In a...

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  • Building cyber resilience whitepaper featured

    Building Cyber Resilience in a Threatened Landscape

    Learn how to detect and manage post-breach attacks, understand your...

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  • Beyond Digital Transformation: Embracing Transformational Security

    Learn mindset shifts, environment understanding, platform expectations, consolidation, and more.

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  • Mastering Active Directory Security: Strategies and Solutions

    This paper will give you an insight into mastering active...

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  • Fidelis Endpoint®: A Technical Deep Dive

    Discover how Fidelis Endpoint® provides expert visibility, detection, and automated...

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  • Fidelis Security

    Fidelis DSI Technology – Detect Threats and Prevent Data Leaks

    Enhancing Cybersecurity with Deep Session Inspection Fidelis Deep Session Inspection®...

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