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#1 in frictionless cloud native application protection

Fidelis Halo®: Cloud Native Application Protection Platform

#1 in frictionless cloud native application security
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Fidelis Halo®: Cloud Native Application Protection Platform

The only lightweight CNAPP for hybrid-cloud security
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Fidelis Halo®: Cloud Native Application Protection Platform

#1 in Frictionless Cloud Native Application Security
Fidelis CNAPP Platform Capabilities
The only CNAPP solution that lowers your cloud costs

cloud native

Scalable, elastic, resilient, and flexible security to support cloud innovation

application protection

Protects hybrid- and multi-cloud architectures with a single solution


Automates cloud security and compliance operations for rapid DevSecOps maturity.

See Everything in Real Time

With Fidelis Halo®, our cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP), gain unmatched visibility across every cloud, server, and container.

With real-time discovery, inventory, and assessment across clouds, on-premises, and virtual environments, Fidelis Halo® (also known as Cloudpassage Halo®) catches costly misconfigurations, configuration drift, vulnerable servers, indicators of compromise, and so much more.

Put an End to the Cloud Security Tax

Have you been caught off guard by the secret costs of cloud security solutions?

Fidelis Halo® is the only CNAPP on the market that never requires you to pay extra for cloud resources to run, and never requires any additional cloud service subscriptions just to run. Stop paying more than you need to for the security for cloud!

The Only CNAPP with Heartbeat Monitoring

If you’re in a multi-cloud environment, speed is paramount. Fidelis Halo® keeps up.

With our patented microagented technology, Fidelis Halo®’s Heartbeat Monitoring runs near-real-time without requiring costly snapshots.

How, you ask? Easy.

We’re the only cloud security platform with a centralized grid that safely and securely offloads cloud security processing so your environments can run at full speed – securely.

How Fidelis CNAPP Cloud Security works?

Fidelis Halo®: Comprehensive CNAPP for Unified Cloud Security

Gain a deeper understanding of how Fidelis CloudPassage Halo® transforms your cloud security and compliance efforts by downloading our product datasheet. Explore the features that make it standout in the realm of cloud security tools, providing unparalleled protection in any cloud hosting environment.

How Fidelis Halo® (CNAPP) Stacks Up

Fidelis Halo®OrcaWiz
Hybrid Support
Frictionless Operation
Heartbeat Monitoring
Comprehensive File Integrity Monitoring
Built-in Log-based Intrusion Detection
Portability Without Reconfiguration
Budget-crippling Security Tax ImposedNeverAlwaysAlways

It’s Past Time to Secure Your Cloud Data

Fidelis CNAPP Platform - Halo Trio

What’s Inside Fidelis CNAPP?

Simple. More SaaS. More turn-key policies and rules. Best-practice remediation guidance. Simply… More.

Fidelis Halo® is the most comprehensive, unified cloud native application protection platform you can get that span clouds, on-premises, and virtual & hybrid environments.

With three highly configurable services for Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP), and full-stack container security, Fidelis Halo® spans every asset across every cloud environment, so you see more, stop more, and remains compliant – everywhere.

Fidelis Halo Features and capabilities
Server Secure

Explore Server Secure

See for yourself why Fidelis Halo® is:

The world’s only real-time SaaS-based Cloud security solution that includes cloud hybrid environment support.

Comprehensive and automated cloud security solution for cloud accounts, workloads, servers, containers, and your deployment pipeline.

Continuous cloud compliance that ends the audit panic.