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Fidelis Halo Microagent

Maximize Efficiency and Security with Our Cloud Solution

As more and more organizations move towards cloud environments, these public, private and hybrid cloud environments need security experts to help keep cloud assets safe from cyber-attacks. They need a solution that keeps up with the cloud, without impacting workloads or inflating cloud budgets. 

Fidelis Halo Microagent offloads the heavy lifting of workload security–including storage, memory, and compute scaling–to the Halo Cloud centralized agent framework. This patented architecture offers maximum security and compliance coverage, at scale, across all your environments, without impacting your cloud resources. 

This datasheet covers how Fidelis Halo Microagent works and the standout features. The benefits of Fidelis Halo Microagent covered in the datasheet include: 

  • High efficiency 
  • Inherent Security 
  • Proxy- Aware 
  • Designed for hostile environment 
  • Secure Architecture 
  • Self-Monitoring 

Download the datasheet now and move towards securing your cloud environments with Fidelis Halo. 

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