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Why Choose Fidelis Security?

No one sees what
Fidelis sees
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We Catch the Risks that Other Tools Miss
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No one sees what Fidelis sees
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We Catch the Risks that Other Tools Miss
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The Attack Stops Here


In proactive cyber defense


In visibility and inspection of data
in motion


Industry partnerships


Years of cybersecurity innovation

The Trusted Leader in Cybersecurity for Enterprise and Government


All your critical data, all at once


Where adversaries will strike


To cyber theaters before impact

Remain Resilient

Through and beyond a cyber attack


Your cyber alerts

Adversaries Can’t Hide from Fidelis

#1 in Proactive Cyber Defense Solutions for Enterprise and Government

Fidelis Protects the Most Critical Data on Earth

5 out of 6

US Military Branches Defended

7 out of the 10

Largest US Government Agencies Protected

Protecting the Largest Enterprises

The Fidelis Challenge.

No one sees what we see and we'll prove it

Run Fidelis Elevate in your enterprise environment for 30 days. We guarantee we will find threats your current provider has never even seen. If we are wrong, we will pay you $50,000 or donate $50,000 to a children’s charity of your choice.

Adversaries Hide

Public networks present a ripe environment for adversaries to prey on unsuspecting users. These networks often provide open connectivity that gives adversaries an easy foot in the door.

Fidelis Strikes

During a university job fair, a Fidelis customer insisted on installing the demo version of Fidelis Elevate to validate public network security.

Customers Win

In minutes, Fidelis exposed two nation-state threat actors. With retrospective analysis, Fidelis confirmed the adversaries had evaded detection with existing tools for months!

The Fidelis Platforms: Leading in Cybersecurity Innovation
for Enterprise Environments

Fidelis Elevate®

The only XDR Solution that delivers Network Security, Deception, and Active Directory protection in a single platform.

Fidelis Halo®

The only CNAPP solution for hybrid and multi-cloud environments that lowers your cloud costs.


What Our Client Say About Us

Lyell Immunopharma DevSecOps Engineer

Policy assignments work surprisingly well. I can just set policies for our assets and servers, and those policies apply to any new instances that we spin up.

Lauda Director of Information Technology

I know it’s unlikely to ever be 100% secure, but QGroup and Fidelis give me confidence that our security is at the highest possible level.

Merit Awards Executive Director

Fidelis achieves Gold in Cybersecurity from Merit Awards: “...a reflection of the innovations and technology advancements the industry has made over the last year.”

See for yourself why we are:

Industry Leading

Fidelis is the #1 cybersecurity solution for visibility of data in motion, with patented Deep Session Inspection™ that stops data loss


The only XDR with NDR, Deception, and Active Directory Intercept™


Fidelis Alert Noise Cancellation™ means alerts you can trust.