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Cybersecurity for Retail

Fidelis Security Empowers Retailers with Ironclad Cyber Protection

Providing Unmatched Security for Retail Innovation

Cybersecurity for Retail

Fidelis Security Empowers Retailers with Ironclad Cyber Protection

Providing Unmatched Security for Retail Innovation

The Most Vulnerable Sector Protected with Extensive Visibility

Based on the latest market studies, retail is one of the most targeted sectors when it comes to cyber attacks. Therefore, retail cybersecurity is essential for customer data, transaction and supply chain protection. Ensuring customer info security and maintaining retail ecosystem integrity are primary concerns for retailers, especially at the age of global interconnectivity.

With over 20 years of experience and innovation in cybersecurity, Fidelis Security understands retail data security needs and makes sure your organization stays on top of business by protecting customer data the same way we protect your customer loyalty.

A Multinational Telecommunications and Media Company uses Fidelis Halo to move security to workload-based model that could support multiple public and private cloud environments simultaneously

How does Fidelis Champion Cybersecurity for Retail

Ransomware attacks affected more than 44% of retailers.

Battling Ransomware in the Initial Stage

Fidelis detects ransomware initial activities, such as network file search, and leads the attackers on accessing decoy files instead of real assets.

84% of retail enterprises use IoT devices but aren’t equipped to fight threats that come with it.

Detecting Infected IoT devices

Fidelis provides tools to detect infected IoT devices by deploying decoys that run on IoT networking protocols that attackers are communicating with as well as emulating the HMI interfaces.

30.4% of attacks in the retail sector are in the form of phishing attacks.

Detect Lateral Movement and Fight Phishing

Fidelis helps you detect and identify attackers searching for credentials, by strategically placing fake credentials on assets where the attackers are looking in memory, registry, files, cookies, etc. These credentials lead the attackers towards the relevant decoys.

Fidelis CloudPassage Halo is a Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) that unifies security and compliance for all your servers, containers, and cloud assets.

Fidelis is Trusted by Government Agencies and Leading Enterprises

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No One Sees What We See And We’ll Prove It

Run a Fidelis solution in your retail organization environment for 30 days. We guarantee we will find threats your current provider has never even seen. If we are wrong, we will pay you $50,000 or donate $50,000 to a children’s charity of your choice.

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