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Multi-layered Defense: Enhancing Security with Fidelis Active Directory Intercept™

Fidelis Active Directory Security Intercept

Active Directory (AD) serves as the cornerstone of identity and entitlements management in over 90% of organizations, making it a critical component of their operational infrastructure. However, its central role and extensive functionality also makes AD an attractive target for adversaries looking to exploit vulnerabilities, leading to unauthorized access, privilege escalation, and malicious activities that pose significant risks.

To counter these threats, Fidelis Active Directory Intercept offers a comprehensive solution designed to protect AD and mitigate security risks. By leveraging AD-aware network detection and response, integrated deception technology, and advanced log and event monitoring, Fidelis Active Directory Intercept equips organizations with the necessary tools to defend against potential attacks and safeguard their vital AD infrastructure.

Why Do Organizations Need Active Directory Defense?

With Active Directory Intercept, you gain complete visibility into AD objects, enabling in-depth analysis of resources and access paths. This technology provides a defense-in-depth approach to AD defense that allows defenders to effectively identify, analyze, and block adversary movement, including:

  • Threat Detection:
    • Powerful network sensors provide real-time traffic analysis that picks up on even the most subtle indicators of threat against active directory.
    • AD log analysis monitors configurations to effectively identify and analyze adversary movements.
  • Attack Response:
    • Automated AD-aware deception capabilities lure adversaries away from high-value assets and provide defenders with high-confidence, context-rich alerts.
    • MITRE ATT&CK framework mapping accelerates threat response and facilitates threat-informed decision making.
    • Advanced forensic tools and automated playbooks and scripts give defenders the power to thwart AD attacks prior to impact.
  • Threat Prevention:
    • Continuous AD configuration monitoring improves security hygiene and closes security gaps before they become entry points for attackers.

How Fidelis Active Directory Intercept Works

Network traffic analysis is another crucial aspect of detecting and responding to AD threats, and Fidelis Network®, a key component of Active Directory Intercept, offers game-changing threat detection and response capabilities. Utilizing advanced analytics, machine learning, and behavioral modeling, it identifies suspicious behavior and compromise indicators across the network. Fidelis Active Threat Detection correlates activities with MITRE ATT&CK TTPs, providing valuable context for incident response and threat hunting. Fidelis Deep Session Inspection enhances threat identification by analyzing nested and obfuscated files, uncovering hidden threats. The solution can also analyze encrypted traffic, both in-line and out-of-band, allowing detection of malicious activities within encrypted communications. Active Directory Intercept provides contextual intelligence, enabling organizations to swiftly respond and prevent future attacks by understanding the extent of adversary presence.

The Power of Threat Intelligence and Continuous Improvement

Leveraging a range of threat intelligence feeds, Active Directory Intercept effectively detects and responds to AD threats. Its intelligence continuously learns and adapts to Active Directory security requirements, building a baseline of normal behavior for identifying anomalies. Mapping alerts to MITRE ATT&CK TTPs provides valuable context for threat-informed decisions. Organizations can enhance their AD security posture over time by leveraging insights gained from monitoring, detection, and response to improve access controls, authentication mechanisms, and overall defense layers. With Active Directory Intercept, organizations gain the power and tools needed to effectively protect critical assets.

In Conclusion

Active Directory Intercept stands as a powerful solution for enhancing AD security and mitigating potential threats. Its multi-layered defense approach, incorporating AD-aware network detection and response, integrated deception technology, and advanced log monitoring, empowers organizations to detect and respond to AD threats effectively. By leveraging contextual intelligence, threat mapping to MITRE ATT&CK TTPs, and continuous improvement mechanisms, organizations can continually enhance their AD security posture. With Active Directory Intercept, organizations can confidently safeguard their critical AD infrastructure and protect against evolving cyber threats.

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Elizabeth Strickland

Elizabeth Strickland joins Fidelis Security as Content Marketing Manager for corporate marketing. With five years of experience in product marketing and content development, she has also worked in the IT industry supporting companies with their go-to-market initiatives.

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