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Cybersecurity for Tribal & Gaming

Defeat Cyber Attackers and Win the Game of Data Protection with Fidelis Security

Powering Your Play with Unbeatable Cyber Defense

Safeguard Sensitive Player and Transaction Data, and Keep Adversaries at Bay

In today’s expansive digital gaming sector, cybersecurity is indispensable for safeguarding player data, financial transactions, and online gaming platforms from escalating cyber threats, especially with the rise of online gambling and virtual gaming experiences. Upholding stringent cybersecurity measures is crucial for maintaining player trust.

With over 20 years of experience and innovation in cybersecurity, Fidelis Security has created dynamic and evolving cyber defense solutions to help keep up with the modern gaming landscape to ensure customers have a smooth and safe experience.

Fidelis CloudPassage Halo is a Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) that unifies security and compliance for all your servers, containers, and cloud assets.

How Does Fidelis Champion Tribal & Gaming Cybersecurity

The average cost of a data breach in the gaming industry at $4.24 million, higher than the overall average

Detect Post-breach Attacks 9X Faster

With advanced threat intelligence and threat defense solutions, Fidelis goes beyond detection and high-priority alerts by automating response and prevents data loss for network, email, web traffic, and other network assets

Online gambling fraud in the US amounted to an estimated $1.1 billion, with payment card fraud being a major component

Detect Attackers Using Stolen Credentials

Fidelis helps you identify attackers searching for credentials by deploying credentials on assets where the attackers are looking for these credentials – memory, registry, files, cookies, etc. These credentials are pointing in the direction of the relevant decoys.

Tribal and Gaming sector is the second most targeted sector for mobile malware attacks globally

Monitor each endpoint and operate in Isolated environments

Fidelis Endpoint monitors and evaluates every endpoint event across Windows, Linux, and Mac systems to detect and stop attacks before they move laterally across your network.

Fidelis Protects the Most Important Data on Earth

Year-to-Date High Severity Malware Threats Identified
0 M
Year-to-Date Critical Vulnerability Exploitations Attempts Detected 
0 K
In Visibility And Inspection Of Data In Motion
# 0

The Fidelis Challenge.

No One Sees What We See And We’ll Prove It

Run a Fidelis solution in your gaming organization environment for 30 days. We guarantee we will find threats your current provider has never even seen. If we are wrong, we will pay you $50,000 or donate $50,000 to a children’s charity of your choice.

Talk To An Expert

Connect with our skilled professionals for expert guidance. Our team is ready to assist you in addressing your unique challenges and providing tailored solutions.

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