Exclusive Webinar: Safeguarding your Active Directory in the Era of Cyber Threat

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Fidelis Endpoint Security® Explained

Empower Your Defenses with Enhanced Endpoint Security

With active, deep visibility into endpoint activity, Fidelis Endpoint® speeds investigations and gives you hands-on control so you can pinpoint and eradicate threats to your organization. This video explains how Fidelis Security® has engineered Endpoint Detection and Response to secure your organization.

Fidelis Endpoint comes with: 

  • Comprehensive EDR protection on-premises and in the cloud 
  • Scale EDR to hundreds of thousands of endpoints in rapidly growing cloud environments 
  • Deep Digital Forensics 
  • Conduct remote, hands-on investigations and automate responses to common attacks 
  • Automated and manual response to further an investigation, collect forensic data, and remediate threats 

Watch the video to know more.  

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One Platform for All Adversaries

See Fidelis in action. Learn how our fast and scalable platforms provide full visibility, deep insights, and rapid response to help security teams across the World protect, detect, respond, and neutralize advanced cyber adversaries.