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Cybersecurity for Healthcare

Immunize Healthcare data with Fidelis Security

Keep your Data Healthy and Away from Cyber Threats

Protect Critical and Confidential Information Related to Patients, Employees and Suppliers

Nowadays, at the age of data and algorithm power, healthcare industry needs more than ever to be protected against cyber attacks and data breaches. Therefore, it is crucial to implement data security solution in order to preserve patient confidentiality, protect critical information like PII & PHI and bolster the overall resilience of medical infrastructure.

With over 20 years of experience and innovation in cybersecurity, Fidelis has developed tailored HIPPA-compliant solutions to cater the needs of the healthcare industry.

A Leading University Children’s Hospital, with 7,000 Endpoints and Thousands of Users, Strengthened its Cybersecurity with Fidelis Security’s Intelligent Deception Platform

How Does Fidelis Champion Healthcare Security

36% of healthcare facilities reported an increase in medical complications due to cyber attacks

Fighting Ransomware in its Tracks

By preventive measures and early attack detection capabilities, Fidelis Security can significantly reduce the impact of any cyber attack.

61% of healthcare data breaches are because of employee negligence.

Cyber-Educate Healthcare Employees

Fidelis Security can significantly lower the damage with early detection by luring attackers to access decoys instead of real assets revealing their presence.

88% of healthcare workers have opened phishing emails exposing critical healthcare information

Phishing Attack Defense

Fidelis Security detects fraudulent access at an early stage and uses networking protocols to lure attackers to respond and reveal their presence in the network.

Fidelis Deception is the most trusted solution for the Healthcare sector. With Integrated Network, Endpoint, Cloud Visibility and Analysis, it automatically maps your cyber-terrain and evaluates the risk of every asset and network path.

We See What Others Don't

Year-to-Date High Severity Malware Threats Identified
1 M
Year-to-Date Critical Vulnerability Exploitations Attempts Detected 
1 K
In Visibility And Inspection Of Data In Motion
# 0

"Fidelis Deception takes our network security to the next level. Its main advantage is that it solves a security problem with a whole new approach and provides visibility with real business analytics. This was a key differentiator for us- and has proven itself by delivering immediate ROI."

The Fidelis Challenge.

No One Sees What We See And We’ll Prove It

Run a Fidelis solution in your healthcare organization environment for 30 days. We guarantee we will find threats your current provider has never even seen. If we are wrong, we will pay you $50,000 or donate $50,000 to a children’s charity of your choice.

Talk To An Expert

Connect with our skilled professionals for expert guidance. Our team is ready to assist you in addressing your unique challenges and providing tailored solutions.

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