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Fidelis Deception: Stay Ahead of Attackers

Strengthen Your Cybersecurity with Decoys & Lures

Fidelis Deception is a strong cybersecurity solution which shifts the advantage from the attacker to the defender by using decoys and lures to trap attackers in the deception layer, giving you time to detect attackers earlier, study their moves, and defeat them before damage can be done. 

Fidelis Deception works by automatically mapping the cyber terrain, identifying asset vulnerabilities, and strategically deploying decoys based on real assets. These decoys lure attackers to interact with them to learn what the attacker is looking for before they move laterally in your network.

Fidelis Deception includes: 

  • Decoys
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Active Deception 

While Fidelis Deception can be used on its own, unifying it in the Fidelis Elevate® open and active eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) platform delivers contextual visibility and rich cyber terrain mapping across the full IT landscape. 

Download the data sheet to learn more about Fidelis Deception.

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