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Core Fidelis Elevate Courses

Network Core

Understand how to work with Fidelis Network and safeguard your systems, including lessons on the user interface, alerts, policies, and rich, indexable metadata.

Endpoint Core

Learn how to use Fidelis Endpoint to monitor endpoint activity, create alerts, and take action on suspicious behaviors through the use of threat intelligence and scripts.

Deception Core

Learn how to create and deploy decoys and breadcrumbs and gain an understanding of how to view and work with alerts to safeguard your systems against post-breach attacks.

Intermediate Fidelis Elevate Courses

Network Investigations and Threat Hunting

Dive into alert triage, metadata analysis, and analytic rules, explore threat hunting and writing custom rules, and conclude with a capstone exercise.

Endpoint Investigations and Threat Hunting

Gain a deep understanding of Fidelis Threat Bridge, expand your understanding of alert triaging and threat management, and conclude with a capstone exercise.

Deep Session Inspection Advanced Rule Writing

Learn how to write advanced Fidelis Deep Session Inspection Rules and gain practical experience on key areas, such as fingerprints, rule expression, whitelisting, and analytical rule writing.

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Learn about additional courses, including advanced topics, at Fidelis Security.

Fidelis Halo Self-service Onboarding

Key Activities of a Successful Halo Project

Learn how to build an effective project team, define your scope, identify use cases, and incorporate Fidelis Halo into your workflows.

Halo Foundations – Attribute Based Policy Assignment

Understand how Fidelis Halo automates policy assignment for critical security functions across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Halo Foundations – Navigating the Portal

See each of the Fidelis Halo Portal screens, and learn how to navigate each to find the information you need to manage your cloud security.