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Network Data Loss Prevention Solution

Stop Data Loss: Fidelis Network DLP is
the Key to Keeping your Data Secure

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Network Data Loss Prevention Solution

Stop Data Loss: Fidelis Network DLP Is
The Key To Keeping Your Data Secure

Why DLP Security?

Up to 94% of companies that experience severe data loss never recover. This highlights the growing threat of data losses impacting companies. It is now more complicated to protect your data and IP against malicious behavior and data exfiltration. Data loss is expensive, time consuming, and can jeopardize an organization’s reputation. Hence, A good DLP solution is essential to: 

Fidelis Network® Data Loss Prevention Solution

Fidelis Security’s Patented Deep Session Inspection® technology gives you the ability to investigate threats and stop sessions that violate policies with details about who is sending and receiving data and what type of data is being sent. DLP security with Fidelis prevents data loss for your enterprise by: 

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Network DLP Buyers Guide

What should you look out for while choosing a network DLP solution for your enterprise? 

A good Network Data Loss Protection solution needs to be content and context aware for effectiveness, not a large source of alerts and noise impeding security analystsDownload our Network DLP Buyer’s Guide to know how to choose the perfect solution for your organization. 

Threat Protection offered by Fidelis Network® DLP Solution

Insider Threats

By monitoring data movement and user activity, Fidelis' DLP solution can detect suspicious attempts to transfer sensitive data to unauthorized locations.

Cloud Misconfigurations

DLP security can help secure cloud data by identifying and preventing unauthorized access or sharing of sensitive information stored in cloud platforms.

Phishing Attacks

Data Loss Protection can help mitigate these risks by monitoring email content and attachments for keywords or suspicious patterns associated with phishing attempts.

To learn more about how your organization can benefit from Network Data Loss Protection, talk to our expert today!