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Hardening Your Active Directory with Advanced Strategies

Advanced Strategies for Active Directory Security

This white paper provides a comprehensive guide to hardening Active Directory (AD) environments against cyber threats. The document begins by highlighting the evolving threat landscape, emphasizing the importance of securing Active Directory due to its central role in user authentication, access control, and directory services. 

It then presents a security checklist that outlines best practices for securing AD, including enforcing strong password policies, implementing multi-factor authentication, and granting users only the minimum access level required. 

Beyond the checklist, the white paper delves into advanced strategies for securing AD, including network segmentation, just-in-time privileged access, deception technology, continuous security monitoring, and threat hunting. 

And at last, it introduces Fidelis Elevate, a leading Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution that empowers security teams with advanced threat detection capabilities, anomaly analysis, and rapid response functionalities specifically designed to safeguard AD environments. 


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