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Fidelis Deception® Technology

Proactively detect, deceive, and neutralize adversaries with Fidelis Deception®
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Fidelis Deception® Technology

Proactively detect, deceive, and neutralize adversaries with Fidelis Deception®
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Fidelis Security® has been Protecting Leading Enterprises Worldwide for over 20 years


Cellphone manufacturer


Largest Defense Contractor


Convenience Store Chain


Pharmacy Chain


Mobile Service Provider


Pharmaceutical Company


Deception Technology

Deception technology in cybersecurity is a proactive approach to threat detection and mitigation. The primary purpose is to lure attackers into engaging with them, thereby revealing their presence and tactics. The key points of a deception solution include:

Fidelis Deception® - Turn Adversaries into Targets

Adversaries want your data and assets. Fidelis Deception® makes them believe they’ve struck gold. But what they’ve really done is trapped themselves and alerted your cyber defenders. Our cyber Deception Technology solution includes:

What Sets Fidelis Deception® Technology Apart?

Fidelis Deception® shortens this time from weeks and months to just a few hours and minutes

Dramatically reduces time-to-resolution

This is achieved by quickly detecting anomalous behavior and operating inside the adversary’s decision cycle.

Fidelis Security® is #1 Proactive Cyber Defense solution in the world.

Proactive Cyber Defense

Fidelis Deception® gains a full understanding of your cyber terrain, including asset risk profiling, so you can anticipate attacker’s targets and proactively protect your organization.

Fidelis Security® provides you tailored solutions available on-prem as well as cloud.

On-Perm and Cloud Deception Technology

Fidelis Deception® works on both on-premises solution as well as a cloud solution. On cloud, the decoy software will be made available for AWS.

“With Fidelis Deception®, we’re changing the rules of the game. Now we have the attackers running for cover because they understand that we can find them even if they managed to bypass our perimeter.”

– Head of IT Security, Fortune 1000 Pharmaceutical Company

Threat Protection offered by Fidelis Deception®

Credential Theft

Fidelis helps you identify attackers who are searching for credentials by strategically deploying fake credentials on assets that align with their search patterns. These credentials proactively lure the attackers to access the decoy traps and applications and reveal the targeted assets.

Lateral Movement Detection

Protect your valuable data and credentials by proactively luring the attackers to access decoys, breadcrumbs and fake credentials in the Active Directory.

Compromised Active Directory

Early in the inspection phase, Fidelis Deception® identifies how the attackers are using the seeded false items in the AD. Our solution keeps you safe by looking for any evidence of the attackers' activity in the AD logs.

There’s a Reason the Most Important Data on Earth is protected by Fidelis


of the 6 US Military Branches Defended


of the 10 Largest US Government Agencies Protected


Year-to-Date High Severity Malware Threats Identified


Year-to-Date Critical Vulnerability Exploitations Attempts Detected

There’s a Reason the Most Important Data on Earth is protected by Fidelis

Fidelis Deception®

Make cyber adversaries play by your rules. Fidelis Deception® reshapes your cyber terrain, giving you a distinct advantage over threats while ensuring a resilient environment.

Why is Fidelis winning against its competitors?

Our customers detect post-breach attacks over 9x faster.

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