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Cybersecurity for Government Agencies

Fidelis Security Provides Uncompromised Security for Governments

Trusted by 7 out of 10 Largest US Government Agencies

Defending Government Agencies to Protect Public’s Data

With respect to government agencies, cybersecurity is crucial for safeguarding classified information, critical infrastructure, and public services from emerging cyber threats. Maintaining robust cybersecurity protocols is essential for ensuring national security and protecting citizen privacy in an era where digital systems are integral to governance.

With over 20 years of experience and innovation in cybersecurity, Fidelis has customized various solutions to fit the needs of the Government sector.

Fidelis Elevate is the most trusted solution for the Government sector. With Integrated Network, Endpoint, Cloud Visibility and Analysis, it automatically maps your cyber-terrain and evaluates the risk of every asset and network path.

How Does Fidelis Champion Security for Government Agencies

56% of ransomware attacks targeted local governments worldwide

Detect and Defeat Ransomware Attacks

Fidelis detects the initial activities of a Ransomware attack when it searches for valuable files on the network to be encrypted, by luring attackers to access decoy assets instead of the real ones.

Phishing attacks contributes to 22% of data breaches

Protect your Information from Attackers

Fidelis provides you the means to be proactive and based on your knowledge of what the attackers are looking for in the networks, you can proactively deploy breadcrumbs to steer the attackers in the direction of the decoys

The government was the second most attacked industry because of the wealth of data they sit on

Avert attacks by Gathering the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs)

Fidelis helps you identify what the attackers are searching for and learn their TTPs. Attacks are blocked based on this intelligence. Fidelis lures the attackers to interact with RealOS decoys which helps track all activities of the attackers.

Fidelis Is Trusted By Government Agencies And Leading Enterprises

Out of 6 US MIlitary Branches Defended
Out of 10 Largest US Government Agencies Protected
Years of Cybersecurity Innovation
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