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#1 XDR solution for visibility of data in motion

#1 Proactive XDR Security Platform

Best Cybersecurity Solution for Visibility of Data in Motion
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#1 Proactive XDR Security Platform

Our customers detect post-breach attacks over 9x faster
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#1 Proactive XDR Security Platform

Our Customers Detect Post-Breach Attacks Over 9x Faster
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Fidelis Elevate Capabilities

The only XDR platform that delivers Endpoint Security, Network Security, Deception, and Active Directory protection in one a single platform


Rapidly integrate Fidelis Elevate into your security stack.


Gain immediate risk- and threat-informed defense across ndpoints, networks, and clouds.

detection and response

Go on the hunt, find advanced threats, and put a stop to cyber adversaries now and into the future.

No One Sees What We See

Fidelis Elevate® is a leading XDR platform that digs deep and hits adversaries hard.

With integrated network, endpoint, and cloud visibility and analysis, our XDR platform automatically maps your cyber terrain and evaluates the risk of every asset and network path.

We operate where adversaries hide so you can catch the risks and threats that other extended detection and response tools miss.

Think Like the Adversary.
Be Ready for Anything with
Extended Detection and Response

Our XDR cybersecurity platform, Fidelis Elevate®, provides the forensic data and metadata, predictive analysis, and automation tools defenders need to operate inside the adversary’s decision-making cycle.

With AI-powered analysis and MITRE ATT&CK mappings, your defenders can anticipate attacker movements, respond with confidence, and remediate faster against advanced cyber threats.

Stay Resilient, Before, During and Beyond the Attack

Keep adversaries guessing and keep business operations moving.

Fidelis Security’s XDR platform uniquely integrates deception across networks and clouds, using real-time intelligence to continually build convincing decoys and breadcrumbs that lure in even the most advanced adversaries.

Fidelis Elevate® Datasheet

Learn more about Fidelis Elevate®, a robust and purpose-built Open and Active extended Detection and Response (XDR) platform that takes proactive cyber defense to new heights.

Why does Fidelis XDR Platform win over its competitors?

Comprehensive Active Directory Defense
300+ Field Contextual Traffic analysis
Integrated Deception Technology
Intelligent Active Threat Detection with MITRE ATT&CK MappingLimited
AI-driven Sandbox Analysis
In-band Traffic Decryption Network DLP
Risk-Aware Terrain Mapping
Fidelis Elevate Product Trio

Protect your Assets with Extended Detection & Response

Our XDR platform has three integrated tools in one single, powerful platform that outmaneuvers adversaries with the help of:

No one sees what Fidelis Network® sees. With automated risk-aware terrain mapping, and patented traffic analysis tools, we dig deep to find adversaries where they hide.
Fidelis Endpoint® monitors and evaluates every endpoint event across Windows, Linux, and Mac systems to detect and stop attacks before they move laterally across your network.
Make cyber adversaries play by your rules. Fidelis Deception® reshapes your cyber terrain, giving you a distinct advantage over threats while ensuring a resilient environment.

Better Together

Fidelis Elevate® and Halo work together to secure the world’s most complex environments.
Cyber adversaries continually raise the stakes. Your cyber maturity game plan can make or break your business. 

See for yourself why we are:

Industry Leader in XDR security solutions

Fidelis is the #1 cybersecurity solution for visibility of data in motion, with patented Deep Session Inspection that stops data loss

Game Changing

The only XDR platform with Endpoint & Network Detection and Response, Deception, and Active Directory Intercept

Super Reliable

Fidelis extended detection and response solution is equipped with Alert Noise Cancellation, alerts you can trust.