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Active Threat Detection Solution: Fidelis Security

Catch the Threats that Other Tools Miss

Stopping cyber-attacks before they enter your network is a thing of the past now. It is close to impossible to avert penetration of attackers. This is where proactive post-breach cyber defence comes in. After a breach, retrospective analysis almost always shows that there were small signals that, when added up, could have been the warning you needed.  

Enter Fidelis Security’s Active Threat Detection Using proprietary algorithms developed by Fidelis Security’s expert threat hunters, Active Threat Detection improves the speed and accuracy of your threat hunting – often finding threats that other systems miss – so that you can shut the door on would-be attackers.

Here is how Active Threat Detection works: 

  • Detect and Correlate Weak Signals 
  • Evaluate Findings Against Known Attack Vectors 
  • Proactively Secure Systems with Greater Confidence 

Download the datasheet now and learn how our Active Threat Detection Solution can fortify your enterprise’s cyber environment.  

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