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Cybersecurity for IT

Fidelis Security Defends IT Networks with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Elevate your IT Security by Building Cyber Resilience

Securing Network and Data Across Diverse IT Environments

Cybersecurity is essential to protect sensitive data, remote access points, and digital infrastructure from growing cyber threats in the post-Covid remote work-driven IT industry. Ensuring the integrity and security of IT systems is imperative for sustaining business continuity, mitigating risks associated with remote work, and safeguarding against potential breaches in our increasingly interconnected and distributed work environments.

With over 20 years of experience and innovation in cybersecurity, Fidelis Security has created solutions which safeguard the dynamic IT sector. We give our customers an option to customize solutions to find the perfect fit for your environment.

Leading Technology Solutions Manufacturer Entrusts Fidelis Deception to Detect Zero-Day and APT Attacks.

How Does Fidelis Champion IT Cybersecurity

51% of IT professionals state managing privacy and security as primary concern

Detect stolen credentials before they cause an impact

Fidelis helps you identify attackers searching for credentials by deploying credentials on assets where the attackers are looking for these credentials – memory, registry, files, cookies, etc. These credentials are pointing in the direction of the relevant decoys.

The avg cost per breach is over $173,000 when remote work is a factor

Detect post-breach attacks 9X faster with Fidelis

Fidelis helps you quickly identify attackers that are sniffing traffic. It uses networking protocols to proactively lure attackers to respond and reveal their presence in the network.

In 2023, Ransomware attacks cost IT companies an average of $6.5 million

Identify and Mitigate Ransomware attacks in the initial stage

Fidelis detects the initial activities of a Ransomware attack when it searches for valuable files on the network to be encrypted, by luring attackers to access decoy assets instead of the real ones.

Fidelis Deception is the most trusted solution for the IT sector. With Integrated Network, Endpoint, Cloud Visibility and Analysis, it automatically maps your cyber-terrain and evaluates the risk of every asset and network path.

Fidelis Protects the Most Important Data on Earth

Year-to-Date High Severity Malware Threats Identified
0 M
Year-to-Date Critical Vulnerability Exploitations Attempts Detected 
0 K
In Visibility And Inspection Of Data In Motion
# 0

“If you don’t see bad stuff in your network, you’re not using the right tools. Attackers are already inside. Fidelis Deception knows where to look and how to show you the right way to eradicate threats.”

The Fidelis Challenge.

No One Sees What We See And We’ll Prove It

Run a Fidelis solution in your Informational Technology organization environment for 30 days. We guarantee we will find threats your current provider has never even seen. If we are wrong, we will pay you $50,000 or donate $50,000 to a children’s charity of your choice.

Talk To An Expert

Connect with our skilled professionals for expert guidance. Our team is ready to assist you in addressing your unique challenges and providing tailored solutions.

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