Establish Cyber Resiliency into Your Security Strategy!

It's time to move beyond just "security". Learn more about the role of cyber resiliency in network defense in our recent blog post.

Threat Hunting: Strategies for Active Threat Detection

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn about how Active Threat Detection can help you proactively defend against modern cyber threats.

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Detect and Stop Threats Faster

Full situational awareness of vulnerabilities and incoming attacks and risk.

  • Dynamic asset mapping across endpoints, network and cloud
  • Multi-faceted context and risk assessment
  • Real time and retrospective analysis
  • Unparalleled threat detection, deception, response, cloud security, and compliance
  • Faster mean time to detection and response
secure cloud

Secure Cloud, Hybrid and
On-premises Environments

Safeguard data, assets, and services – no matter where they are on your networks.

  • Inside-out protection with real-time visibility, in-depth monitoring, accelerated remediation, and powerful automation and integration capabilities
  • Engage and neutralize threats earlier with leading deception technologies
  • Identify and remediate vulnerabilities in public, private, or hybrid cloud

Gain Speed, Context, and Accuracy

Fast, scalable platforms provide deep insights into your SOC and high-fidelity alerts to detect, respond and neutralize even the most advanced cyber adversaries.

  • Contextual visibility and asset discovery across your IT environment
  • Deep insights with rich metadata
  • Make faster, more informed decisions with collected and grouped contextual data
  • Threat and behavior-based analytics
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning and statistical modeling based on rich metadata
  • Malware detections actively validated among assets
  • Proactive fortification with risk simulation from red and blue perspectives
speed accuracy
cyber defense

Shift to Proactive Cyber Defense

Find and neutralize threats earlier before damage can be done.

  • Dynamically re-shape the network attack surface and introduce cost to the adversary
  • Lure and distract adversaries with decoys and various breadcrumbs to keep them from production assets
  • Counter ongoing attacks and gather intelligence to better prepare for future attacks

Fidelis Cybersecurity Platforms

Fidelis Network ® Fidelis Deception ® Fidelis Endpoint ® Halo Cloud Secure Halo Container Secure Fidelis Elevate Fidelis CloudPassage Halo
Halo Server Secure

Defining Ransomware

Stop Ransomware Before It Stops You.

Safeguard your organization’s data, assets, and reputation with advanced ransomware protection and fast threat detection and remediation.