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Fidelis Elevate™ XDR

Quickly detect, hunt and respond to threats while keeping your sensitive data safe. Fidelis Elevate combines contextual visibility, insight, and deep digital forensics to help seek, discover, and respond to known and unknown, malicious artifacts and activities hiding in your environment. It combines and automatically correlates information across the kill chain to better combat today’s increasingly sophisticated threats.

Why Customers Rely On Us

We have built some of the most secure environments and protect
organizations from suffering the next high-profile security breach.

What Clients Are Saying

“The primary benefit and main reason I would introduce Fidelis to someone in our client base is number one to reduce the network noise. A lot of tools are going to give you a lot of alerts, but you want to have the right alerts. You want the right alerts prioritized so you can go after the...
Niccolo Alicandri, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
"We’re able to observe more – more aspects, more activities and more methods used during an attack. Thanks to Fidelis our security dramatically changed."
Marek Laskowski, IT Director
"This vendor has gone above and beyond what others have done for us in the past to ensure that we are using the product to its fullest potential. They took the time to understand our unique environment and were able to deliver a solution that fits our model. Support has always been top notch and...
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"The deployment was effortless and involved no downtime for our production network infrastructure which was a major benefit for our organization. The vendor in my own opinion went above and beyond with their training which was originally supposed to be the general administration and "how to"....
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"Fidelis is one of the leading security products and has helped us detect some of the most advanced threats."
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    U.S. Gov Agencies
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    of the Fortune 50
  • Depended on by 24
    of the Fortune 100

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