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Cyber Threat Intelligence Report – May 2023

Key Threats Analysis: Highlighting the Most Prominent Vulnerabilities

May 2023 saw significant incidents in the world of cybersecurity. This information allows us to highlight the evolving techniques employed by malicious actors and credible, active threats to organizations. 

Fidelis Security’s monthly Threat Intelligence Report is offered to help you stay up to date with these advancements and how you can act on them before they take over your business.

Here are the security findings and news for the month of May 2023:

  • FBI Officially Confirms BianLian Ransomware Switch to Exclusively Conducting Extortion-based Attacks 
  • Critical Ruckus Remote Code Execution (RCE) Flaw Exploited by new DDoS Botnet Malware 
  • Google Launches Dark Web Monitoring of all U.S. Gmail Users 
  • Babuk Code Used to Encrypt VMWare ESXi Servers by Nine Separate Ransomware Groups 
  • KeePass Vulnerability Enables Password Retrieval; Fix is Forthcoming 
  • TP-Link Router Firmware Infected by Hackers to Target EU Entities 
  • Top Vulnerabilities to Watch Out for 
  • Breakdown of Malware Attacks from Varying Sources for Different Industries 

Download the report now and subscribe to Threat Geek Blog to stay ahead of adversaries. 

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