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Fidelis Halo – Comprehensive CNAPP solution for Unified Cloud Security

Gain unmatched visibility across every cloud, server, and container.

To stay ahead of the fight against adversaries, your cloud security must work at cloud speed and scale, without imposing artificial limitations or additional costs. 

Fidelis CloudPassage Halo is a cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) that unifies security and compliance for all your servers, containers, and cloud assets. It automates security and compliance and delivers a broad range of controls in any application hosting environment, at any scale, on-demand – minus the security tax. 

Fidelis Halo offers: 

  1. Hybrid Support 
  2. Frictionless Operation 
  3. Heartbeat Monitoring 
  4. Comprehensive File Integrity Monitoring 
  5. Built-in Log-based Intrusion Detection 
  6. Portability Without Reconfiguration

Gain a deeper understanding of how CloudPassage Halo® transforms your cloud security and compliance efforts by downloading our product datasheet. Explore the features that make it a standout CNAPP, providing unparalleled protection in any cloud hosting environment. 

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Download: Fidelis Halo Datasheet

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