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Prevention Capabilities of Fidelis Network: A Comprehensive Overview

Enhancing Cybersecurity with Advanced Sensor Technologies

The paper emphasizes the significance of robust cybersecurity measures, citing a startling fact: Fidelis Network® comprises four types of sensors, each capable of blocking malware attacks, limiting data leakage, and locking down control and operational channels used by active attackers. This in-depth overview looks into Fidelis Network’s prevention capabilities, providing useful insights into how each sensor tackles prevention, the expectations for different prevention outcomes, and sensor configuration options for optimal prevention.

The paper analyzes four types of sensors:

  • Direct sensors, which are commonly deployed at the network boundary
  • Internal sensors, which are installed within the company
  • Mail sensors, which are designed for email network security
  • Web sensors, which are linked to an ICAP capable proxy server.

Each sensor’s distinct features, deployment options, and preventative capabilities are thoroughly explored, including its capacity to analyze network traffic, detect malware, and prevent data breaches.

Overall, this paper is a helpful resource for enterprises and people looking to improve their cybersecurity posture through advanced sensor technology.

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