TAG Cyber Enterprise Buyer’s Guide for Unified Cloud Security and Compliance

Rapid cloud adoption is happening across nearly every industry, accelerated by the shift to a global work-from-anywhere environment. In today’s climate, security teams must do more with less and adapt to new infrastructure technologies and threats. A unified cloud security platform helps accelerate security in the cloud, but most teams don’t have the time or resources to conduct lengthy evaluations. That’s why we enlisted TAG Cyber to create a vendor-agnostic buyer’s guide to accelerate the process.

TAG Cyber wrote the “Enterprise Buyer’s Guide for Unified Cloud Security and Compliance” without vendor preference or bias, which makes it a powerful tool for determining the right solution for your organization. The guide provides:

  • A framework for cloud security and compliance unification
  • Key requirements for cloud container security, server workflow security, and cloud infrastructure workflow security
  • Questions to ask cloud security vendors and the answers you should look for to frame your evaluation and vendor discussions

Founded and led by Dr. Edward Amoroso, TAG Cyber is an influential cybersecurity research and analysis firm that provides world-class market reports, customized consulting, and CISO coaching for business and government organizations around the world

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