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The Latest Trend in Network Cybersecurity: NDR

Network Detection & Response: Maximizing Security & Threat Detection

Network Detection and Response is the new big thing in network cybersecurity. It includes Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) and Network Analysis & Visibility (NAV). While all three terms emphasize detection, NDR elevates the role of response on the network. 

Read the blog ‘What is Network Detection and Response?‘ to know more in-detail about NDR.

While, this whitepaper will look at NDR in depth and how it can strengthen your network security. It will dive into concepts like:

  • Prevention: Prevention starts with Detection. This prevention must be based on the same granular approach that allows the prevention of detected data without compromising the business objects of the enterprise. 
  • Automate Investigation: Sometimes prevention can alleviate the problem but not always. This is why in order to react quickly and effectively, automation is required. Read the whitepaper to know how you can automate your network security. 
  • Incident Analysis: An incident is a higher-level analysis of the detections where many detections can be correlated to reduce the analysis on the response team. 
  • Use efficient analyst tools to better network responses.
  • Retrospective Analysis is the most essential part of gaining complete visibility in NDR platform. Look at ways in which you could be doing this. 

Download the whitepaper now and unveil the secrets to perfection NDR for your network security. 

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