The Latest Trend in Network Cybersecurity: NDR

Network Detection and Response is the latest trend in network-based cybersecurity. NDR follows years of product categories and three-letter algorithms to help define how an enterprise should consider defending itself from cybersecurity. Over the years, security has been defined by IPS, IDS, DLP, ATD, ADR, NAV, NTA, and more.

Fidelis has participated in magic quadrants, waves, market studies, and terminology changes since our first network cybersecurity solutions in the mid-2000’s. NDR culminates years of research and software advances to bring together the basic elements of security requirements: Detection and Response.

This paper demystifies NDR and helps you make sense of the key components of NDR technologies. Download this white paper to learn why NDR is not only beneficial, but necessary for gaining the cyber advantage, and how organizations can implement Fidelis solutions to detect, hunt and respond against the most advanced threats. You’ll see:

  • Why Response is important in gaining the cyber advantage against your most advanced threats
  • How Fidelis has been a leading provider of Network Detection & Response for years
  • Why NDR should be a critical component to your cybersecurity arsenal