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Fidelis Deception® technology provides an active defense to detect post-breach attacks. It goes beyond traditional honeypots and legacy decoys to automatically:

  • Discover and classify network assets, including legacy systems, shadow-IT and IoT devices
  • Improve effectiveness by creating decoys and breadcrumbs using minimal time and resources
  • Adapt to changes in on-premises and cloud environments
  • Detect malware and intruders moving laterally within the network

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Fidelis Deception® Datasheet

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What Customers and Experts Are Saying

“Fidelis Deception combats the full spectrum of cyberattacks by providing full visibility across hybrid, cloud and on-premises environments. It automates threat and data theft detection to empower threat hunting and optimize incident response by providing context, speed and accuracy.”

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“Fidelis Deception is one of the most advanced and mature deception platforms that CSO has evaluated… In a world where hackers are learning to expect decoys around every corner, Fidelis has still found a way to deploy an irresistible network of deceptive assets that stand ready to protect the real thing.”

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“We’re able to observe more – more aspects, more activities and more methods used during an attack. Thanks to Fidelis our security dramatically changed.”

Marek Laskowski, IT Director, DZP

Fidelis Network and Deception Capabilities

“One of our favorite takeaways from using a platform such as Fidelis Elevate was being able to exercise the concept of holistic visibility, meaning the environment is ingested, analyzed and treated as a single unit. Holistic visibility allows for threats to be analyzed and neutralized faster,…

Matt Bromiley, Analyst, SANS Read full review