Deception, Confusion, Diversion: Altering Your Cyber Terrain to Gain Tactical Advantage

As cloud computing, IoT, and mobile devices massively expand the traditional attack surface, it is clear that rigidly defined perimeters are a thing of the past. To keep pace with rapidly evolving cyber attacks, a modern cybersecurity approach must embrace the concept of terrain. In both traditional and cyber warfare, key terrain is any part of the battlefield that offers a unique advantage. To gain this tactical advantage over adversaries, security teams must:

  • Gain a holistic understanding of their cyber terrain
  • Understand how attackers view and navigate that terrain
  • Identify opportunities to foil adversaries and stay one step ahead

Download this e-book to learn why a terrain-based approach is not only beneficial, but necessary for gaining a tactical cyber advantage, and how organizations can start applying this method to defend against advanced attacks.