Fidelis Cybersecurity

Utilizing Deception for Effective Breach Detection

Many organizations are discovering, too late, that despite the prevalence of prevention techniques and tools at their disposal, attacks are succeeding in growing numbers. Forensic analyses of successful attacks show that the critical time between infections and detection is far too great — often measured in months. In order to close the infection-to-detection dwell time security gap, a comprehensive data-protection plan, replete with new and smarter strategies and tools, is required. The plan must include a precise and rapid detection mechanism for identifying infected assets post breach before substantial damage or data theft compromises the organization. Intelligent deception incorporates a variety of mechanisms to lure attackers and to provide all the necessary information about attacker activities as they occur in real-time.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about how an intelligent deception defense will help you:
Create attractive and credible decoys throughout the network
Lure attackers to the decoy environment with targeted breadcrumb placement
Automatically adapt your deception environment to network changes as they occur
Gain intel on attackers inside your network
Take swift action with high fidelity alerts

Download the White Paper