Fidelis Professional Services

Get the most out of your investment

You’ve invested in some of the most advanced detection and response technology out there. Why not optimize it so you can make the very most of your solutions? 

Product Services

Our professionals will work with you to ensure you and your team are using our products to their full potential – no matter how simple or complex your environment is. Our seasoned team draws on experience working with customers across every major industry to effectively configure and implement our products to best support your internal processes and integrate with your other security tools.

Deployment services are offered virtually or on site and can be tailored to your specific requirements. Focus areas include:

  • Architectural planning
  • Product installation
  • Configuration
  • Policy Tuning

Fidelis Product Training

Our product training services are designed to train end users to perform key tasks so they can fully utilize the core functions of our Fidelis Network, Fidelis Endpoint and Fidelis Deception products. Each course provides analysts and policy administrators with a deep understanding of the product’s core capabilities and focuses on real-world scenarios, which you will put into practice during interactive lab exercises.

  • Participate in lab work based on real-world scenarios.
  • Learn to effectively use the product’s core capabilities.
  • Understand how Fidelis integrates with other security tools.

The Fidelis Technology:

Sensors provide full visibility into all communication moving in and out of the network, including traffic traversing laterally inside of the enterprise where the malicious actor may be staging data for exfiltration

Allows the application of intelligence and any known Indicators of Compromise to sweep all endpoints in an enterprise to rapidly detect all compromised systems

Automatically discovers and classifies networks and assets to provide an accurate image of your environment. Using breadcrumbs and lures, the technology exposes the reconnaissance movements of an attacker to expedite swift removal