Automate Cloud Workload Protection

Fidelis Server Secure is comprehensive cloud workload protection for public, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.


Micro-weight Cloud Workload Protection to Support DevSecOps

The patented Fidelis Server Secure microagent provides comprehensive security controls without inflating your cloud budget or contending with your workloads for cloud resources.

  • Built on a wholly unique centralized agent framework that requires no additional software to install or manage on your part
  • Simplifies management with microagents that persist through Linux and Windows OS patches and updates
  • Requires no network changes or complex configurations

How Fast in Server Secure?

Full workload protection, in seconds

Fidelis Halo is a complete, unified Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) for all your environments. Simply register the Fidelis Halo microagent for your IaaS, virtual machines, servers, or bare-metal hosts, and be up and running, with full workload protection, in seconds.

  • Automate configuration security management, vulnerability management, log-based intrusion detection, intrusion detection, cloud network and identity security, and more
  • Ensure continual compliance with cloud workload protection that runs at cloud-speed
  • Close security gaps and eliminate management dashboards

Better Secure Deployments with Easy Integrations

The full-featured Fidelis Halo API provides deep integration capabilities existing DevSecOps Tools for all Fidelis Server Secure functionality.

  • Accelerate and clarify communications between information security and DevOps
  • Shift left and secure deployments by integrating security testing into existing DevOps workflows and CICD pipeline tools
  • Automate alerts for asset owners and DevOps teams to create a culture of security awareness and ownership

Cloud-Speed Vulnerability Management and Intrusion Detection

Your workloads stay protected from advanced threats with automated log monitoring, file and system integrity monitoring, vulnerability management, and advanced threat detection.

  • Maintain an accurate and up-to-date inventory and assessment of all cloud and on-premises assets
  • Detect server-level intrusions, including IoT/IoC detection, and quarantine or disable suspicious assets automatically
  • Catch potential zero-day and existing exploit opportunities with automated vulnerability management

The Halo Cloud

  • Performs sophisticated analytics and evaluates telemetry data collected by the Fidelis Server Secure Microagent
  • Delivers operational portability and agility
  • Preserves your server resources and performance for what matters—your workloads

A Uniquely Powerful Approach to Cloud Workload Protection

Fidelis Halo’s patented centralized agent framework offers a powerful computing platform that does the heavy lifting to secure your environments. That framework—known as the Halo Cloud—is the unique difference between resource-hungry agents or limited “agentless” solutions and the slim, frictionless, and comprehensive power of the Fidelis Server Secure microagent.