Exclusive Tips: Hardening your Active Directory with Advanced Strategies

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Fidelis Endpoint®: Automate and Secure Endpoints

Unleash Advanced Threat Detection with Fidelis Endpoint® Technology

Fidelis Endpoint® maximizes efficiency by automating detection and response and providing secure, remote access into an endpoint’s disk, files, and processes. Fidelis Endpoint®, our Endpoint Detection & Response solution, provides deep visibility into all endpoint activity to enable analysts to detect and respond to advanced threats immediately. 

The key advantages of Fidelis Endpoint® include:

– Detect Faster
– Gain Control Over Endpoints
– Conduct Live Investigations
– Respond with Intelligence
– End Alert Fatigue
– Understand Vulnerabilities and Detect Malware
– Prevent Malware 

To know more about the use cases of Fidelis Security’s EDR solution, download the datasheet today. 

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One Platform for All Adversaries

See Fidelis in action. Learn how our fast and scalable platforms provide full visibility, deep insights, and rapid response to help security teams across the World protect, detect, respond, and neutralize advanced cyber adversaries.