Gain Control with Unified Cloud Security

Unified Cloud Security is Fundamental for
Hybrid- and Multi-cloud Environments

Given the widespread adoption of hybrid- and multi-cloud strategies, legacy security and point products can’t keep up.

A Unified Cloud Security Platform Secures Every Cloud

Unified cloud security increases control over cloud environments with a single platform so you can:

  • Improve security visibility and eliminate coverage gaps
  • Adapt to dynamic operating models in real time
  • Automate security to move at the speed of the cloud
  • Regain control without becoming a bottleneck
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What to Look for in a Unified Cloud Security Platform

    • Continuous discovery, inventory, and assessment
    • Automated policy creation and compliance monitoring
    • High-fidelity alerts for misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and exposures, suspicious access, and suspected threats and intrusions
    • Actionable telemetry data to accelerate investigations
    • Continuous compliance data and audit-ready reports
    • A fully capable, bi-directional API for pervasive security automation
    • A DevSecOps-ready solution that integrates frictionlessly with DevOps workflows and tools
    • Extreme portability that supports cloud agility

Enterprise Buyers Guide for Unified Cloud
Security and Compliance

Frame your next vendor evaluation around industry best practices for unified
cloud security with the guide from TAG Cyber.

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Fidelis Halo Closes the Gaps Between AWS Security, Azure and GCP

The Fidelis CloudPassage Halo® platform is cloud-first and DevSecOps-ready. It unifies cloud security posture management (CSPM), cloud workload protection platform (CWPP), and container security across all your IaaS, PaaS, servers, and containerized environments. With Fidelis Halo, you regain control over your most distributed, diverse, and dynamic infrastructures while accelerating security to the speed of cloud.

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