Fidelis Cybersecurity

Re-Imagining the Security Stack: How to Gain the Decisive Advantage in the Cyber Battle

The security stack has grown as organizations respond to new threats by bolting on additional cyber security tools, often from different vendors. Many of these products are not fully utilized or provide redundant capabilities, which results in additional complexity with no beneficial effect on security posture. This is a critical problem for many organizations; in fact, a recent Fidelis survey found that less than 7% of respondents were using their full security stack.

In this white paper, Fidelis Cybersecurity examines how organizations commonly fall into security stack traps, strategies for re-thinking the security stack, and the benefits of a streamlined security architecture based on best-in-practice frameworks.

Download this paper to learn:

  • Common obstacles to a streamlined, optimized security stack
  • Methods for securing the enterprise network
  • Strategies for fortifying endpoints and devices
  • Indispensable SOC tools
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