Automate & Accelerate Your Security Operations

Modern cyber-attacks are processes, not single events. They span all phases of the attack lifecycle and the journey to reach the desired information or location can take hours, days, weeks, or even months. The longer threats lurk in your network, the more expensive they become to resolve and that’s why Gartner has recommended organizations shift from a prevention-focused defense to one that prioritizes detection and response. How then, can teams ensure this aspect of their security strategy is as speedy, accurate and efficient as possible?

Combining fast, comprehensive detection with specific validation and mature response and prevention capabilities can enable security operations teams to more effectively protect valuable information and an organization’s bottom line. Applying years of experience protecting the world’s most sensitive data, Fidelis identifies key capabilities a modern security operations team needs to quickly and effectively detect and respond to threats.

Read this e-book to find out how the following security capabilities can boost threat detection and response in your organization:
Visibility across the entire attack lifecycle
Historical and real-time threat detection
Automated alert prioritization and validation
Automation of response playbooks
Tightly integrated detection and response platform

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