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Fidelis and Zscaler Internet Access Joint Solution

Overview of the Fidelis and Zscaler Internet Access Joint Solution Brief 

Fidelis Network and Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) collaborated to create a comprehensive security solution for distributed workforces. It ensures that remote employee traffic is safeguarded at the same level as in-office traffic, with enhanced threat detection, anomaly detection, and retrospective investigation capabilities. 

Fidelis Network’s integration with ZIA provides real-time threat detection, threat hunting, and data loss prevention in hybrid settings. Fidelis Elevate‘s Extended Detection and Response (XDR) features improve security by identifying threats from many sources, allowing for global threat prevention regardless of employee location.

The solution includes key features like comprehensive security, threat detection, visibility and investigation, remote user protection, and risk assessment to meet the changing cybersecurity needs of enterprises with distributed workforces. 

To know more about it in detail download the solution brief.  

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