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Enhancing Global Security: LAUDA Partners with Fidelis Network

Strengthening Cyber Defense: Addressing Security Challenges in a Distributed Environment

LAUDA is the world leader in exact temperature control devices. LAUDA’s offices and IT environment are distributed worldwide, the solution features a complex myriad of connections. Each one also represented an opportunity for attack or data leakage. Strong, sophisticated security is important. 

After careful consideration and deliberation with QGroup, the team entrusted Fidelis Network to eliminate blind spots, identify traffic anomalies, and quickly respond to advanced threats.  

“I know it’s unlikely to ever be 100% secure, but QGroup and Fidelis give me confidence that our security is at the highest possible level.”– Martin Rothaler, Director Information Technology 

Using Fidelis, the team quickly generated terrain maps and inventories of all infrastructure and assets.

Read the case study to know more about how Fidelis Security achieved unparalleled security for Lauda. 

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