Detect and Respond Faster

Fidelis Endpoint EDR detects endpoint activity in real time and retrospectively so you can accelerate your response and stop adversaries at the point of entry.

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Endpoint Detection and Response

With active, deep visibility into endpoint activity, Fidelis Endpoint speeds investigations and gives you hands-on control so you can pinpoint and eradicate threats to your organization.

  • Comprehensive EDR protection on-premises and in the cloud
  • Scale endpoint detection and response (EDR) to hundreds of thousands of endpoints in rapidly growing cloud environments
  • Streamline endpoint security with real-time and retrospective analysis in a single tool
  • Conduct remote, hands-on investigations and automate responses to common attacks
  • Automated and manual response to further an investigation, collect forensic data, and remediate threats

Robust Ransomware and Malware Protection

Fidelis Endpoint is a powerful, proactive ransomware and malware protection solution for endpoints both on and off your on-premises and cloud networks.

  • Monitor endpoint behavior for suspicious patterns and detect lateral movement in real-time and retrospectively
  • Keep protecting endpoints while they’re off-network, and respond to malicious activity upon reconnection
  • Return infected endpoints to a secure state faster

Intelligent Security to Gain Control Over Endpoints

Fidelis Endpoint maps detections to the MITRE ATT&CK framework so your defenders can rely on data to determine the best mitigation strategy.

  • Understand attacker TTPs based on intelligence that learns and grows
  • Uncover blind spots and root out attackers hidden deep within your endpoints
  • Shrink adversary dwell times and accelerate security responses to achieve real-time endpoint defense

Faster Threat Hunting at Scale with Fidelis Endpoint

Monitor a full software inventory and identify threats and vulnerabilities across all your Windows, MacOS, and Linux endpoints from a single interface.

  • Get unmatched forensic data capture for a holistic view of the threats in your environment
  • Jumpstart investigations with intelligence that learns and grows through each attack
  • Integrate seamlessly with SIEMs and NGFWs to make use of existing data capture

Stop Adversaries Before They Stop You

Unifying Fidelis Endpoint with NDR and Deception in a single platform – Fidelis Elevate – creates an Active XDR platform that helps you detect sooner, respond faster, and recover easier from an attack.

Trusted Endpoint Detection and Response

From EDR to Proactive Cyber Defense

Endpoint Security Capabilities (SANS)