Secure Email

Full visibility into email traffic.

Prevent Email-based Threats and Data Loss

Whether human error or internal threat actors, you need an added layer of protection to safeguard data and assets being shared via email.

The Challenge:

The majority of attacks start with email

It is the top vector for attackers to initiate attacks and steal data. More than 9 out of 10 attacks are initiated via email using phishing, macros and scripts, and social engineering for business compromise. Because most breaches are caused by human error, no organization – large or small – is complete safe from hackers fraudulent attempts. Relying only on Office 365 email security will leave you and your sensitive data exposed.


Our Solution:

Stop transfer of sensitive data via email

Augment or replace email security – including Office 365 – to better protect sensitive data. An additional security layer enables organizations to inspect content to detect threats and data leakage buried deeply within email messages and attachments. Maintain full visibility of email traffic – even in the cloud. Fidelis enables users to apply multiple defenses to identify any inbound and outbound threats such as malware, malicious attachments, malicious web links, and data leakage, including OCR image analysis of text.

Why Now?

The stakes are getting higher and higher

Email is constantly under attack – and 90% of breaches are due to human error. In fact two out of three insider incidents are caused by negligence. Often, opening an errant email. Business email compromise attacks are nearing $1.2 billion annually. It will take a business an average time of 197 days to identify a data breach (Source: TechJury). It takes another 77 days on the average to recover from one. Security within Office 365 alone is insufficient.


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