Email Security

Prevent Email-Based Threats and Data Loss

The Majority of Attacks Start with Email – Stop Them in their Tracks

Email is the top vector for attackers to initiate attacks and steal data. More than 9 out of 10 attacks are initiated via email using phishing, macros and scripts, and social engineering for business compromise. Fidelis makes it easy to add or replace Office 365 email security for prevention, DLP, sandboxing, and collecting rich metadata to drive threat detection, automated response, and threat hunting.

Prevent Data Theft

Stop Email-Based Threats in Real-Time

Detect Threats Via Multiple Methods

Stop Attackers from Transferring Sensitive Data Via Email

With the Fidelis Mail Sensor you can identify attackers or insider threats that are active in your network and unilaterally block unauthorized transfers of information through email – in real time. Your sensitive data stays put.

Amp Up Your Email Security
with Continuous Threat Monitoring

Fidelis Mail Sensor tracks all URLs found in emails and applies pre-click analysis upon
delivery, plus additional scrutiny to any subsequent related web session activity.

Out-of-the-box policies provide a wide range of real-time alerts, prevention, and email
quarantine options as well as advanced threat detection and security forensics capabilities.

Enhance Your Office 365 Email Security

Counting on Office 365 email security will leave you and your sensitive data exposed. Fidelis adds a critical layer of email security by identifying and preventing inbound and outbound threats and stopping all unauthorized data transfers via email.

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Protect Your Network With Military Grade Capabilities

"I've been running Fidelis Network for over 8 years and I continue to be impressed with the capabilities and improvements every day. It's still one of the primary systems used to protect network and email traffic for many companies."
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Email Security with Multiple Defenses

Fidelis scans every email in its entirety and analyzes for threats and data loss via multiple detection methods:

  • Threat intelligence
  • Detection via signatures and heuristics
  • Sandboxing
  • Machine learning analysis

With multiple defenses, you can identify any inbound and outbound threats such as malware, malicious attachments, malicious web links, and data leakage, including OCR image analysis of text.

Fidelis Mail Sensor: A Critical Component of Your Email Security

Analyze Emails Over Encrypted Channels

Real-time Detection and Retrospective Investigation

Gain Visibility of Office 365 Emails

Quarantine Emails and Prevent Email Delivery

Prevent Data Loss via Email