Stop Data Loss

Protect data and intellectual property

Protect Your Organization from Data Loss

Ensure data security and compliance. Fidelis Elevate and Fidelis Halo help protect your critical assets from data exfiltration and internal threat actors, wherever that data resides.

The Challenge:

Data is everywhere

As more organizations move to the cloud, their data is now spread among various cloud services, on-prem environments, and even BYOD devices. It is now more complicated to protect your data and IP against malicious behavior and data exfiltration. Data loss is expensive, time consuming, and can jeopardize an organization’s reputation. At the same time, several different regulatory compliance guidelines mandate organizations to take adequate care of confidential and sensitive information on their networks. Deploying cyber security data loss prevention is critical.


Our Solution:

Safeguard your data and intellectual property

Protect your data from theft, misuse or unauthorized accessed, and ensure regulatory compliance with Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Patented Deep Session Inspection technology extracts metadata and monitors 300+ different attributes. Retrospectively detect and investigate threats and stop sessions that violate policies with details about who is sending and receiving data and what type of data is being sent. As an integrated feature of a larger security stack, Fidelis DLP provides increased data visibility, protects intellectual property, and ensures compliance.

  • Investigate how and why your data moves
  • Prevent data theft or unauthorized sharing
  • Safeguard IP and business reputation

Why Now?

Increasingly, data is experiencing devastating security breaches. Cybercrime reports increased by 400% in 2020 (source: FBI), and other reports estimate more than 737 million files were breached.  According to a Ponemon study, breaches have an average cost of nearly $4 million globally. Typically, the hardest-hit industries are healthcare (25%), Financial Services, and small business – but no one is immune. DLP is also imperative to ensure compliance with HIPAA, PCI-DSS and GDPR.

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