Data Loss Prevention

Safeguard Your Data, Continue Business as Usual

Protecting Your Sensitive Data

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is crucial to ensure that data is not lost, misused or accessed by unapproved individuals. It is largely driven by regulatory compliance as enterprises today must be able to demonstrate adequate care has been taken to avert the loss and theft of confidential and sensitive information on their networks.

Incorporating DLP into Your Security Stack

Hybrid environments driven by cloud, SaaS applications and mobility have changed data loss prevention (DLP) from a legacy solution silo into an integrated feature of a larger security stack architecture.

It is predicted that by 2020, 85% of organizations will implement at least one form of integrated DLP, up from just 50% today.

DLP Use Cases


Ensure compliance with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and GDPR. Fidelis Network DLP capabilities can help organizations verify that data in motion is transmitted securely and on approved channels.

IP Protection

If your organization has important intellectual property that if accessed by an unapproved used could jeopardize the brand’s reputation or financial health, Fidelis Network DLP can help you monitor this data and keep it secure.

Data Visibility

Organizations often want better visibility of their data. With the Fidelis Network DLP capabilities, you can benefit from visibility of data movement across all ports and protocols and get complete content and context.

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DLP with Fidelis


Fidelis Network is one of the most fully featured network DLP products in the enterprise DLP market and operates at speeds of 20 Gbps and above. The strength of this product is its wide range of deployment and throughput options, as well as port and protocol independence, and no reliance on a proxy architecture.
Gartner: Critical Capabilities for Enterprise DLP, Published 10 April 2017

Metadata: Taking Data Visibility to the Next Level

What makes Fidelis different? Our patented Deep Session Inspection technology extracts metadata with a combination of over 300 different attributes. This means you get details on who is sending and receiving data and what type of data is being sent and received.

Analysts recognize Fidelis Network as one of the strongest content inspection and throughput capabilities available, rated the highest for network DLP at 4.9 on a 1-5 scale.

With the Fidelis Network DLP Solution you can:

  • Conduct session level inspection of network traffic across all 65,535 network ports
  • Gain visibility into protocols, channels and applications in use
  • Extract human-readable content and related metadata
  • Benefit from multiple content analysis technologies to detect sensitive and protected information
  • Identify sessions violating policies with a policy engine and rules
  • Prevent network sessions violating policy across all ports

Office 365? We've Got You Covered

The Fidelis Network Mail Sensor makes it possible to achieve complete visibility of cloud email traffic and can be deployed to examine Office 365 traffic to and from the relevant Exchange Servers. The sensor scans each email message in its entirely and applies Fidelis threat intelligence to identify threats and data loss of theft.

  • Continuously monitor for email-based threats
  • Detect and investigate threats retrospectively
  • Identify data theft or the release of sensitive information
  • Maintain control with the ability to quarantine emails

Data Loss and Theft Detection in the Cloud

Fidelis Network provides North-South-East-West Traffic Monitoring of Amazon Web Services (AWS) VPCs and Azure VNETs. With the deployment of our Network sensors, you can achieve complete visibility of your data and detect and prevent data loss or theft from occurring.

  • Continuously monitor for email-based threats
  • Detect and investigate threats retrospectively
  • Identify data theft or the release of sensitive information
  • Maintain control with the ability to quarantine emails

What Experts Are Saying

“One of our favorite takeaways from using a platform such as Fidelis Elevate was being able to exercise the concept of holistic visibility, meaning the environment is ingested, analyzed and treated as a single unit. Holistic visibility allows for threats to be analyzed and neutralized faster,...
Matt Bromiley, Analyst
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Network DLP Buyer's Guide

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