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Network DLP Solution: Key Features & Considerations

Stop Data Loss and Theft: What to look for in your Data Loss Prevention Solution

According to a Gartner report, the perception that enterprise DLP solutions are suitable for every organization often causes IT leaders to make unnecessary expenditures.  

Network data loss prevention (DLP) solution is a key feature within a larger security stack for detection and response. Security stack architects need to consider use cases and the broader reality that DLP by itself is not the end all answer to data security or loss. DLP has multiple implications. However, in a broader context DLP is required to determine high risk users. 

Network DLP solution needs to be content and context aware for effectiveness, not a large source of alerts and noise impeding security analysts.  

This Network DLP Buyers Guide discusses:

  • Key features and requirements of Network DLP 
  • Its ability to strengthen data security 
  • Accurate Inspection of Enterprise Content 
  • Enterprise Scalability 
  • Enterprise Architecture Friendly 
  • Robust Architecture and more 

This will help decision makers be more aware before approving the Purchase order for a Network Data Loss Prevention solution. To know more fill out the form to get your guide and make the best choice. 

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