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Proactive Network Cyber Defense for Hybrid Environment: Fidelis NDR

STOP Network attacks before they STOP you!

We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic caused some changes in the way we work. One of the biggest changes adopted by companies post-covid was more hybrid work environments. This meant a vast network with multiple endpoints and finding a way to get visibility into each of those.  

With over 20 years of experience and innovation in the field of cybersecurity, Fidelis Security rose to the challenge. Fidelis Network is a solution that provides one the ability to proactively detect, neutralize, and protect against network intrusions before they damage your business. 

This solution brief describes in detail what Fidelis Network is, how it works, and why it is necessary for proactive cyber defense.

The benefits of Fidelis Network highlighted in this document include: 

– Detect Faster and More Efficiently
– Improve Visibility
– Intelligence That Grows
– Improved Efficiency
– Detect Threats Automatically
– Eliminate Alert Fatigue
– Unify Network Defense and Decryption
– Accelerate Threat Response
– Achieve Proactive Network Security 

Download the solution brief now to discover how Fidelis Security can secure your working environment to provide unparalleled cyber defense.

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