Exclusive Webinar: Safeguarding your Active Directory in the Era of Cyber Threat

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Fidelis Security and Devo Joint Solution

Combine XDR with Advanced Security Analytics for a Modern Approach to Securing Your Enterprise 

Organizations often deploy more than seventy Security solutions on their networks, making it difficult to identify and defend against active threats.

Fidelis Security’s Solution Brief provides readers with a full overview of a combined solution with Devo, which focuses on combining XDR with Advanced Security Analytics for a modern approach to enterprise security. The document stresses the issues that defenders face while securing dynamic cloud settings against cyber attackers who only need one successful attempt to compromise data.

It emphasizes the necessity of integrating security systems to enhance efficiency, reduce overlap, and improve threat detection. Readers will discover the advantages of the Fidelis Elevate platform, which provides full visibility across hybrid settings and enables proactive defense via deception, detection, and response mechanisms.

The brief also discusses practical use cases such as enterprise risk analysis, attack data correlation, deception methods, and threat hunting, which provide useful information for enterprises looking to improve their cybersecurity posture.

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