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Cyber Threat Intelligence Report – March 2023

This month’s Threat Intelligence Report examines new and noteworthy events. In March 2023, we saw the evidence of a new state-sponsored group emerging, a new national-level cyber strategy, a first-of-its-kind malware, a new cyber resiliency strategy, and several extremely critical emerging new vulnerabilities. 

Fidelis Security’s monthly Threat Intelligence Research Report is offered to help you stay up to date with these advancements and how you can act on them before they take over your business.   

Here are the security findings and news that this March 2023’s report dives into:

  • U.S. White House Releases New Cybersecurity Strategy 
  • CISA Champions Pre-Ransomware Notification Capability 
  • UEFI Bootkit Bypasses SecureBoot 
  • Newly Characterized APT Group Operating from North Korea 
  • Top 10 Vulnerabilities to watch out for 
  • Breakdown of Malware Categories 

Download the report now and subscribe to our cybersecurity blog to stay ahead of adversaries. 

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