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Ensuring Secure Lift-and-Shift Cloud Migrations with Fidelis CNAPP Solution

Navigating Lift-and-Shift Cloud Migration while Updating Security

Migrating to cloud environments introduces new challenges and requires a re-evaluation of security and compliance solutions. This blueprint includes details on how lift-and-shift drives change for security, what to consider as you update your security implementation, and how to use Halo to ensure a secure transition. Use this blueprint to:

  • Learn about the security challenges in migrating to the cloud and how to approach them.
  • Get a detailed understanding of what makes Fidelis CloudPassage Halo the best solution for cloud security, particularly when migrating from the data center to the cloud.
  • Use as a template to build a plan for secure cloud migration with Halo.

This blueprint highlights in particular Halo’s portability across data center and cloud environments, the ease with which it can establish coverage for a cloud application, and the depth and breadth of Server Secure.

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