Protect Every Cloud

Fidelis Halo® is a unified cloud security and compliance platform for IaaS, PaaS, servers, and containers that protects your assets with cloud-speed efficiency.



Securely Accelerate Hybrid- and Multi- Cloud Adoption

Cloud delivery gives you the edge you need to compete. Fidelis Halo keeps you ahead of cloud security risks so you can accelerate hybrid- and multi-cloud adoption—securely.

  • Ensure security and compliance without inflating cloud budgets
  • Adopt frictionless DevSecOps
  • Adopt a single platform for consistent AWS, Azure, and GCP security

Automatically Close Security Gaps

Cloud service providers provide security for everything that’s under their control—but the rest is up to you. Fidelis Halo’s real-time visibility, assessment, and control closes security gaps and fortifies cloud assets before adversaries can exploit weaknesses.

  • Discover, inventory, and assess new and changed assets, workloads, and containers in real-time
  • Alert asset owners and security teams to misconfigured assets as they are discovered
  • Close visibility gaps between cloud providers and ensure uniform coverage based on standard policies and rules

Accelerate DevSecOps Adoption

DevSecOps is a game-changing strategy to your organization that combats the ever-changing battleground of cloud security. Fidelis Halo accelerates the path toward secure application agility and portability.

  • Protect the complete container stack with a single, unified platform
  • Detect and automatically quarantine suspected rogue servers and containers before they become entry points for adversaries
  • Move application stacks, resources, and containers between clouds and rely on Fidelis Halo security to move seamlessly with them

Get and Stay Ahead of Advanced Threats

In today’s cloud architectures, threats come from all angles. Fidelis Halo automates threat and risk management by identifying configuration drift, surfacing new vulnerabilities, and tracking privileged access and activities, all while monitoring the latest CVE and exploit data.

  • Prioritize vulnerable packages by criticality and frequency and set exceptions to reduce alert fatigue
  • Create a culture of security awareness through continuous compliance, cloud security automation, and bi-directional API integration
  • Accelerate threat detection in the cloud to reduce dwell time

Fidelis Halo Cloud Security in Action


Introduction to Fidelis CloudPassage Halo®

Start Protecting Every Cloud with Fidelis Halo

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