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Fidelis Security Awarded Gold for Security Innovations by Merit Awards

Jon Belanger
Jon Belanger

We, team at Fidelis Security, are thrilled and honored to be recognized with the Gold Medal for Security from Merit Awards! This award underscores our strong dedication to cybersecurity excellence as we work tirelessly to protect the world’s most sensitive data and IT assets. Through our leading-edge technology, we offer deeper visibility, faster threat detection and response, and continuous risk assessment, all while ensuring unified cloud security and compliance.

Marie Zander, Executive Director of the Merit Awards, said, “There was an overwhelming volume of Merit Awards Telecom submissions this year which clearly is a reflection of the innovations and technology advancements the industry has made over the last year.”

We’ve engineered Fidelis Elevate and Fidelis CloudPassage Halo platforms to empower organizations with the ability to build a proactive cyber defense strategy by detecting and mitigating threats before they can compromise critical assets.

Thank you to Merit Awards for this recognition, we look forward to continuing to invest in research and development to deliver the best possible proactive cybersecurity solutions on this journey toward a more secure digital future.

Read the press release to read to full article.

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