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Prevention Capabilities of Fidelis Network: A Comprehensive Overview

Fidelis Security

Enhancing Cybersecurity with Advanced Sensor Technologies The paper emphasizes the significance of robust cybersecurity measures, citing a startling fact: Fidelis Network® comprises four types of sensors, each capable of blocking malware attacks, limiting data leakage, and locking down control and operational channels used by active attackers. This in-depth overview looks into Fidelis Network’s prevention capabilities, […]

Leading Retail Enterprise Amps Up PII Security with Fidelis Network and Deception

Fidelis Security

Despite the Retail Enterprise frequently encountering instances of personally identifiable information (PII) and passwords being transmitted without detection in their network traffic logs, Fidelis Network offered comprehensive visibility, enabling the enterprise to bolster its cybersecurity defenses effectively against potential cyber threats.

Global Bank Leaders Reduces Incident Response Time from 10 Days to 5 Hours

This case study discovers how the top 5 global bank leaders reduced incident response time from 10 days to 5 hours. As cyber-attacks continue to rise, the financial industry is on the forefront of the latest methods of detection, remediation, and resolution to threats on their systems.  The need for a new cybersecurity solution came […]

Unmasking Ransomware: Proactive Strategies to Safeguard Your Organisation

Fidelis Security

Did you know that 72% of businesses worldwide were affected by Ransomware in 2023? In today’s digital landscape, ransomware poses one of the most imminent threats for most organizations. Despite investing in multiple prevention products, organizations remain vulnerable to sophisticated attacks. Join our Sr Product Manager for an exclusive webinar as we delve deep into […]

Defend Your Data against Ransomware Attacks

Shield your organization from the growing threat of ransomware with Fidelis Security’s comprehensive solution. Download our solution brief to fortify your defenses today!