Digital Forensics and Incident Response

The Platform Relied on by Incident Responders

When it Comes to Incident Response, Speed and Agility Matter

When your organization is hit with a security incident, how quickly you can contain and remediate the issue is critical. Having visibility from the network and cloud traffic to endpoint activity is a must to understand the who, what, when, where, and how – and having the tools and automation to resolve issues is of utmost importance. The Fidelis Elevate platform provides incident responders with timely detection, the discovery of attacker activity, identification of compromised systems and data accessed or removed, and the ability to prevent similar re-occurrences through automated response playbooks.




Quickly Gain the Visibility You Need Across Your Network and Endpoint Estate

Fidelis provides holistic visibility across your environment, including all ports and protocols across network, email, web and cloud traffic; endpoint activity; and visibility of enterprise IoT devices. And with Fidelis Scout 2, which is a portable version of Elevate, optimized for rapid and temporary deployment, incident responders can gain visibility within hours of arriving on site.

Deep Digital Forensics and Fast Initial Response

Even in the most complex environments, incident responders have the tools and data to quickly understand the environment, conduct an initial assessment and develop an appropriate response strategy. Speed investigations and analysis with remote access into endpoint disks, files, and processes, and remotely collect forensically sound data memory captures and full disk images. Hunt for malicious activity, isolate compromised systems and accounts and identify data, system and network assets accessed.

Contain and Expel the Threat

Using Fidelis to identify a timeline of activity, systems and networks affected and attacker activity, incident responders can contain the attack. Examples include removing traces of attackers’ malware and tools, resetting credentials, mitigating exploited vulnerabilities, and more, while continuing to monitor the enterprise for malicious activity.

Remediate and Recover from an Incident

When an incident response is kicked off, it’s imperative to not only quickly identify the malicious activity, but to effectively recover from the incident. Successful remediation involves eradicating the threat and expelling the malicious attacker from the enterprise, allowing business to return to normal. Fidelis ensures that once the threat has been removed, automated responses can be deployed to eliminate similar threats from impacting the environment in the future.

Purpose-Built for Incident Response

With Fidelis, your incident response team gains one-click investigation with complete and actionable context – to facilitate and expedite an IR assessment, response or threat hunting exercise. Network sessions and endpoint activity is recorded to perform retrospective analysis and forensic examination.

Portable Platform for Rapid Deployment
in an Incident Response Situation

Fidelis Scout 2 provides an all-in-one, portable and flexible platform optimized for rapid and temporary deployment to help organizations immediately gain deep visibility into network traffic, enable faster remediation and deliver actionable reporting for diagnosis and post-incident processes. Fidelis Scout 2 is an ideal fit for use cases around threat hunting, data leakage assessment, network and endpoint visibility, incident and breach response and M&A assessments.

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