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security challenges 

The Challenge:

Modern IT and advanced adversaries present monumental security challenges 

Security expertise is in short supply, yet adversaries are getting scarily more sophisticated (and successful) in their attack methods. The complexity of risks, threats and vulnerabilities increasing. Digitization, technology convergence, and globalization have not made securing government IT assets any easier. Organizations are on-duty 24×7, worldwide. Security teams are in near-constant reactive defense mode. It is tough to get ahead.


Our Solution:

Simplify and modernize security infrastructure 

Disrupt and deter adversaries from successful cyber-attacks. Fidelis helps you better defend your entire IT operation against increasingly sophisticated threats, safeguard data, and optimize security operations. Fidelis Elevate XDR helps you gain a decisive advantage over adversaries by knowing exactly where data lives and how it moves. Our phenomenal depth of visibility and advanced cyber terrain mapping means you can see more, stop more. Scale detection accuracy with contextual visibility and control across endpoints, networks and cloud traffic.

  • Context-aware, automation-enhanced decision making
  • Contextual visibility across cyber terrain
  • Gain a decisive advantage with threat-based evaluation

Why Now?

Gain a decisive advantage

Adversaries have developed new, more dangerous methods to get data, which is at the heart of digital transformation. Governments are under attack. Pandemic-related strain has made weary their agencies an even easier target. Cyberespionage is prevalent, ransomware has grinded government operations to a halt, attackers are stealing data for extortion, and malware costs have reached the millions annually. A proper defense requires an outstanding offense.

  • Real-time visibility of managed and unmanaged assets
  • Automation to increase SOC efficiency
  • Alter cyber terrain with deception countermeasures
  • Accelerate triage, investigation and incident response

Partnering to Deliver the Decisive Advantage:
Required capabilities to shine a light on your blind spots.

Proactive Capabilities

Continuous, contextual visibility across your cyber terrain, including managed and unmanaged assets, helps identify potential risks and routes adversaries could take to move throughout your network. This understanding helps shift you to proactive defenses and additional defenses like dynamic deception.

Protective Capabilities

Many detection solutions do not provide deep enough visibility, leaving blind spots that attackers exploit. Close gaps and build in protective capabilities with data loss prevention across the entire security stack (endpoint, network, and cloud). Pairing DLP with metadata, provides insights for proactive protection.

Predictive Capabilities

Security teams are overwhelmed by alerts. Automation accelerates incident response. And, predictive capabilities – driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence – can help better detect anomalous activity, determine the probability of compromise and assist in metadata analysis when searching for known and unknown threats.

Retrospective Countermeasures

Extend beyond simple proactive or predictive analysis with rich metadata. It enables automated, retrospective analysis of historical data against emerging threat intelligence. This increased visibility and review of systems over days, weeks and months helps understand breach context such as how defenses were penetrated, what threat did inside the network, and how to prevent future breaches.

Let Us Prove It.

Learn how Fidelis Elevate™ helps elevate Federal government security by helping to identify and remove attackers, secure operations, and return governments to business as usual, faster.

Gaining a Decisive Advantage Through Terrain Based Cyber Defense

White Paper:
Re-Imagining the Security Stack: How to Gain the Decisive Advantage in the Cyber Battle

Simplifying Cybersecurity Infrastructures

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Fidelis participates in a number of contract vehicles through Carahsoft that simplify and streamline the procurement process. These vehicles meet federal and state requirements for open competition and validate our past performance credentials.

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