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Fidelis Security and Sentinel One Joint Solution

Uniting Endpoint and Network Solutions for Comprehensive Threat Defense

According to research, 73% of employers feel that cybersecurity is a massive concern with respect to the increase in the number of remote workers. With growing cloud adoption and the rise of remote work, modern IT environments are more complex and harder to secure than ever before. 

This made it vital to create a system that combines security data from multiple sources, like EDR and NDR, providing security teams a more complete picture of the enterprise attack surface, and improving threat hunting and detection. 

Embark on a journey of enhanced security with the Fidelis Security® & SentinelOne Joint Solution. Endpoint and network solutions form the backbone of the SOC visibility triad, offering a holistic approach to identifying and neutralizing threats across your digital landscape. This joint solution brings together the strengths of Fidelis security and SentinelOne, providing integrated investigation workflows for mutual customers. 

Download the solution brief now and protect your organization cyber security with unparalleled strength.

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