Fidelis Cybersecurity
Case Study

NCR Case Study

As a global leader in financial technology solutions for information technology, hospitality, banking, and retail markets, NCR supplies solutions that make financial processing easier for their customers. Starting with their introduction of the cash register in 1884, NCR has been a definitive leader in financial technology innovation. Today, NCR powers technology with a digital-first strategy that helps customers evolve and transform in the cloud. As the #1 global POS software provider for retail and hospitality, and the #1 provider of multi-vendor ATM software, NCR creates software, hardware, and services that run their clients’ enterprise from back office to the front end and everything in between.

“Fidelis CloudPassage Halo allows us to do multiple things at once. We have visibility of the server process, accounts, and software packages. At the same we can roll out policies to monitor server configuration and track vulnerabilities on those servers too.”

-Pranjal Agarwal, Information Security Engineer, NCR